Novità per i nostalgici

Civilization: Guerra e Pace
Control the rise of six new civilizations in the War and Peace expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game. In your hands lies the fate of the Aztecs, British, French, Japanese, Mongols, and Zulus. Social policy cards provide greater depth and power to governments: innovate your way to progress with wondrous technologies, adopt religions to guide your civilization to great wealth and culture, or dedicate yourself to aggressive expansionism following a military tradition. Whichever path you choose, conflict will be inevitable, and a new combat system makes battles more tactical and engaging than ever before. This expansion also includes new map tiles, new vestiges, a new type of buildings and much more.
Civilization Wisdom and Warfare [003GG], Buy it just for 34.95 on our shop Giochinscatola.html

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manifestazione ricominciamo dal futuro


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